Home Mold Inspection and Testing Services in McMinnville and Salem

Who Can Perform Radon Testing in McMinnville, OR, Salem, OR or Surrounding Areas?

We can handle all your radon testing and inspection needs

Radon is a naturally occurring substance, but if your home has elevated levels, you could be putting your family at risk. If left unchecked, harmful levels of radon can lead to dizziness, trouble breathing and even lung cancer. PRM Inspections And Services will make sure your home isn’t hiding dangerous levels of radon with our radon inspection and testing services.

Our home inspectors will take air samples from your home and send them off for testing. You’ll have the test results back in a timely manner and be alerted to any high concentrations of radon in your home. Schedule your radon inspection by calling PRM Inspections And Services at 503-864-5552.

Test your home for harmful substances in  the McMinnville, Oregon or Salem, Oregon Area 

PRM Inspections And Services offers a variety of home inspection and testing services that will give you peace of mind. You can come to us for:

  • Radon testing
  • Lead testing
  • Asbestos testing

Our inspectors will make sure your family is safe and that no hidden dangers lurk beneath your walls. Reach out to PRM Inspections And Services to learn more.